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VIDEO:Cancer Families, Vote for Ron Paul and Help Cure Cancer

The following video of families pleading with you to listen to Ron Paul and  stop advocating for big government regulatory agencies like the FDA that are the tool to stop innovative cancer treatments like the one cited herein, to the Gerson Treatment to vitamin therapy.

In the following video it is easy to understand that getting rid of the FDA would save cancer patients. WE can not ignore the plight of these cancer warriors. We can not allow a large regulatory agency to use its power to stop cancer treatments.

As long as the FDA exists it will block these low cost  proven cancer treatments, only fantasy not fact could lead you to any other conclusion.

This Doctors clinics would be all over the US if it were not for the FDA. Plus the reimport of prescription drugs at a third the price- has promised to take care of the sick and elderly and to not cut social security benefits.

These families want the government off their backs. Help Ron get the Government off their backs and, as such, give us all a shot at new cancer treatments that are effective and safe.

If not, watch anyway someone you know may benefit from this knowledge. Support Change.

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