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Thanks to your generous donations to the #OccupySupply fund, we were able to purchase propane tanks so that #OccupyKStreet can cook without trying to use the sun, and the people living there can eat warm food. 100% of all the funds we receive will go to purchasing supplies that FDL Members will be delivering to #Occupy encampments across the country.

Jane and I woke up early yesterday morning and took a ride to the Target to buy supplies for people encamped at #OccupyKStreet. We then had to go to Maryland to buy propane, which is not sold in DC. It was a bit of an adventure but we managed to procure everything we set out to get. We used funds that were generously donated by people all across the country to the FDL Membership Program’s #OccupySuppy fund.

It has been a few days since Jane, Jon Walker and I were down on K Street delivering supplies they had previously requested, so we wanted to check in to see if their needs have changed.  The camp had once again grown dramatically in only a few days. We also dropped off another tent and some supplies for refrigeration and hygiene. We had to get creative with the refrigeration, since it is not realistic to drag out a giant freezer and plug it into a tree. The kitchen crew were delighted with the freezer bags.

Jane Hamhser, Matt McKinnon, Bruce Olsson, Rooja

With cold weather approaching, the priority of the FDL Membership #OccupySupply program is helping people not only at #OccupyKStreet, but at #Occupy encampments across the country brace for winter.   In DC, the weather forecast is showing mild weather in the mid to upper 60’s all week long. But it will not be the case for long, and cold temperatures are already hitting occupations in the north. So this time Jane, Jon and I brought along Matt McKinnon and Bruce Olsson from the Machinist’s Union with us to advise the people living at the camp on winterizing.  Between them they had decades’ worth of  experience in protesting in harsh conditions and protecting their people for extended periods of time. We spoke with representatives of the #OccupyKStreet comfort and winterizing committees, and we will be going to the winterizing committee meeting this Wednesday night t hear the plans they are developing and learn more about how we can best help them.

Delivering Propane

I got the chance to meet some amazing people yesterday. Rooja, who works in the finance department and on the winterizing committee; Austen who has been here for 4 days now; Kenny who maintains clothing and blankets to keep people comfortable; Craig who has been taking amazing photos and JC and Josh who operate the kitchen.  They were all really interesting to speak with and very appreciative of the fact that we keep coming back to ask them what they need, and then bring it to them. They cannot thank you all enough for your support during this difficult effort, with more and more people arriving every day. And I cannot express in words how good it feels to help where we can.  I hope that you all will be able to visit one of these occupations and witness firsthand the passion, dedication, and commitment these individuals have.

Camp at OccupyKStreet

Kevin Gosztola begins his 8 city tour to occupations in the midwest today, where he will be doing the same thing — joining FDL members to bring winterizing supplies to occupations in Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, Iowa and Wisconsin.  Click here to donate to the FDL Membership #OccupySupply fund.

Ryan Cook

Ryan Cook