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Occupy Hilo Makes Some Noise

Yesterday, I was finally able to participate in an OWS event, for even my sleepy little hollow, in the middle of nowhere, made some noise! Now, to be fair, Occupy Hilo has already made some noise in solidarity of OWS, but sadly, I was stuck on top of Mauna Kea stargazing during their previous events…!

For instance, last Saturday, they had a great little turnout… Occupy Hilo joins nation in show of support… The better half had later told me there was easily a couple hundred marching through Downtown Hilo…!

I’d arrived about 15 mins early and was delighted to see the main organizers were well organized and had a large contingent of signs on hand…! I had my own… ‘We are the 99% – #OccupyWallStreet

I mingled with the 20 or so 99ers already there, and introduced myself, I fielded a few questions about FDL…! Many were impressed when I told them that FDL had been covering and supporting the OWS movement from Day 1…! I also mentioned that the Lake was on a par with the Orange Satan and Huffpoo, which they all had recognized, but not FDL…! *gah*

Continuing on, about 15 mins after we started waving our signs in earnest, Hilo’s Finest showed up in force…! 4 cop cars in a row, which must comprise at least half of the Shift…! It was all good though, the cops got out, and, started talking story with us all…! I caught a snippet of a conversation between the lead organizer and the senior Sgt, in effect, that the Banksters were the problem and they were the one’s that needed to be locked up…! I knew the cop from my old HIARNG days, and, he had already seen two tours of Iraq, and, was none too thrilled with our current economic malaise…!

Now, since I was on foot, I couldn’t stay for the whole time, so I’m not sure what the final tally was on the numbers, but, when I’d left there was about 50 hearty individuals that had showed up…! With most of the college students expected to show up in force after I had to head home, so I’m not sure what the peak numbers really were…!

However, I was walking on air the whole 2.5 miles home…! *g*

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