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[History of Western Interference in Libya]

“In 1969, the British Special Air Service (S.A.S.) was contacted by the Libyan Royal Family and planned an assassination attempt to restore the Libyan monarchy. The plan was dubbed the “Hilton Assignment”, named after a Libyan jail. The plan was to release 150 political prisoners from a jail in Tripoli as a catalyst for a general uprising. The prisoners would be recruited for a coup attempt, and the British agents would leave them to take over the nation. The plan was called off at a late stage by the British Secret Intelligence Service because the United States government decided that Gaddafi was anti-Marxist and therefore acceptable.

In 1981, French president Valéry Giscard d’Estaing plotted an assassination attempt with Egypt. His administration spoke with the Reagan administration for approval, but the United States did not support the measure. The plot was abandoned after Giscard’s term in office.

In 1986, the United States bombed Libya, including Gaddafi’s family compound in the vast Bab al-Azizia Barracks in southern Tripoli. The U.S. Government consistently said that the bombings were “surgical strikes” and were not intended to kill Gaddafi. However, Oliver North did devise a plot at the time to lure Gaddafi into his compound using Terry Waite. The plot violated US law, which prohibited assassinations, and was never put into action.”  [Source:  WIKI]


And these only include those attacks that are public knowledge at the moment.  The USA and the UK  and France have been out to dispose Gaddafi since he took over Libya in 1969.  It has absolutely NOTHING to do with their pretense of caring about the people or outrage of his treatment of the Libyan people.  It has to do with Wall Street interests in the wealth of Libya.

If they gave a damn about the people, they would do something for the people of Syria and Bahrain who are being brutalized and murdered by their leaders.  But don’t hold your breath because these same Wall Street driven leaders in Washington DC have shown us their tolerance for murder and mayhem against innocents as they stood by and did nothing for 100 days in 1994 when 800,000  people were hacked to death with machetes.  The Clinton administration did not even convene a single cabinet meeting to discuss the incident.  Newspeak was enforced as even the word “genocide” was off the official State Department vocabulary during this time.


A Summary of US State Department Policy

He is not OK

Wall Street did not like the deals that Gaddafi wanted to cut and Libya is an enormously wealthy country–not only for oil, but also for gas and water. It had nothing whatsoever to do with how the people of his country were treated–absolutely nothing.  Wall Street and Washington could not care less about the people of Libya.  Look how they treat the 99% of the USA.  [Gaddifi’s record belies many of the claims over all for his people. During his regime, Libya went from the poorest country in the world to the wealthiest nation in Africa and life expectancy rose to 77 years.  If the monarchy supported by the USA, Britain and France was doing such a hot job, then why was Libya the poorest nation in the world during their reign?   In addition, under Gaddafi, College education for boys and girls was 100% paid for by the state and electricity was free for all citizens. There are other facts as well that speak to the overall good for the majority in Libya.]

He is OK even if he murders thousnds of civilians.

Syria doesn’t have anything that Wall Street wants AND Assad is anti-shiite.  The US wants to keep Assad in there to assuage their paranoia regarding the Shiites and thus accordingly “protect” Israel by allowing the brutalization of the majority of the people of Syria.  Since the Assad regime took over with the current ruler’s father in the early 1980?s over 70,000 citizens have been murdered by these rulers [Source Wiki]. In fact the number of citizens killed under the rule of the Assad family likely far exceed those murdered under Gaddafi’s regime.

Hamad bin isa Al Khalifa -King of Bahrain is OK

Bahrain is Wall Street’s darling. It may as well be called “the Wall Street of the Middle East.”  The  monarch turns his head while Wall Street corporations like Alcoa bribe Bahraini state owned companies and fix prices above market value.  He allows the US Navy to set up shop on its shores with a U.S. naval base.  Bahrain is the hub for Wall Street marketing for the Middle East.  In February of 2009, the Wall Street Organization W.L.L. (WSOWLL),  announced the opening of its Middle East headquarters, within the premier financial district – Bahrain Financial Harbour.  Bahrain is a central clearing house for much of the money that is transferred to the Middle East and to India.  Bahrain has a majority population of Shiites and the King is all about repressing them, even to the point of hiring Xe mercenary goons from Saudi Arabia.  Hundreds of Bahraini citizens have been murdered and tortured under the regime of Hamad and many of them doctors and nurses.  Washington doesn’t give a damn. Could they possibly be more obvious?


ILWQ Comments

Yes, Gaddafi was most likely a psychopath and criminally  insane and so are at least half of the CEOs on Wall Street and at least one third of the US Congress–as well as the two other dictators mentioned above.

But drawing the line based on potential profitability for the US Wall Street interests and the financial interests of its western allies which seems to be the moral standard for the US government (and the US State Department policy in particular) is not democratic governance, it is collusion among the 1% to the detriment of the 99%– whether they live in Syria, Bahrain or the USA.

Again, the only way to stop this is to replace Washington with Independent representatives and senators from the 99%–non-millionaires who do not own Wall Street stock.  It is time to end the ridiculous conflict of interest that we allow in our government.  These people are there to fatten their stock portfolios and increase their own net worth and personal power.  All you need to do to prove this to yourself is to check their votes against their stock ownership.  They consistently support the industries in which they have the largest stock holdings.  They ALL do it.  It has nothing to do with party and everything to do with wealth.

Run for office as an Independent in 2012.  Stand up to these crooks and kick them out of office in 2012!

Liz Berry

Liz Berry