So, it took me awhile to figure out what I’ve been doing wrong on FDL. I was reading other postings but had a bit of time understanding the formatting and/or rules. I received a couple of editor notes, the latest went like this:

[Editor’s Note – Thanks for your contributions. This is the second time we’re letting you know that you are welcome to cross-post your original work from your blog here. We discourage two and three sentence diary entries here, as it knocks fully developed articles off the recent diaries list.  Thanks for your cooperation.]

I was looking at posts with video links and mistaking that formatting with longer posts which did not have a video link. At least that’s what I thought was correct, until I posted a video link to a preview video and received this snarky comment:

“So I guess the rule about one sentence diaries doesn’t apply to you, nor do the warnings from the mods? Must be nice to be special like you.”

Ouch! I replied that there are plenty of video links with one or two sentences. Of course, no reply back. Maybe I was too polite. Since that was about the fourth video linked posting and no editor’s notes appeared on any of the previous ones, I thought that was okay, but now I’m just confused.