Muslim-hating WaPo bigot-blogger Jennifer Rubin is obviously very displeased with President Obama  (what else is new?) because he has the audacity to want to withdraw the troops from Iraq before we have had the opportunity to drain all the oil that lies beneath the sand and kill all the people who live above it. To buttress her case she invokes the Father, the Son, and The Holy Roller of the Republican Presidential-wannabe field (Romney, Perry, and Bachmann) and also Rick Santorum (whose arguments are generally considered frothy at best and slippery at worst).  Additionally she supports her case for continued empire with an appeal to authority citing Kimbery Kagan’s Institute for the Study of Wars That Best Serve The Interests of Israel. Again, nothing surprising there.

But what is least of all surprising is Rubin’s tacit admission that the Republican Clown Car of Candidates is still lacking in that old genocidal can-do spirit as indicated by her hope for a shining knight who will ride out of the mists to save America from the Muslim horde by hopefully conducting all war/all the time:

Once again we see how critical a commander in chief is to the successful creation and implementation of national security policy. But that doesn’t mean Congress is powerless. It should immediately commence oversight hearings and call all of the appropriate witnesses, including former defense secretary Robert Gates, Panetta and the negotiating team that had been dispatched to Iraq. And one more figure, I think, would be required: Gen. David Petraeus.

It might be interesting to get his assessment of the Iraqi security situation from his current vantage point at the CIA. But the main reason for calling him would be to get a valuable assessment from the most knowledgable person on the planet about the security requirements in Iraq, the level of troops required and the expectation of the military that we would have an ongoing presence. His great achievement, and America’s victory, hang in the balance. And, if he should find himself just a wee bit disgusted with the conduct of the administration, he can always resign. I hear there is an election heating up. Petraeus-Ryan? Petraeus-Rubio?

These people really hate Mitt Romney.

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