To the Honorable Ralph Nader,

Just found out today, Oct. 24, is the deadline to file for the New Hampshire primary. So, how ’bout it Mr. Nader, I mean Ralph, are you ready to ride the Occupy Wall Street righteous wave of anger to a possibly great victory over war, greed, the 1% and President Obama?

You’re old enough to remember Gene McCarthy’s historic victory in 1968 over President Johnson, and that was over a single issue, Vietnam. Now most Democrats disagree with President Obama on almost all the biggest issues of the day: we want corporations out, he thinks their CEOs should run the economy; we want out of Afghanistan, he doesn’t; we want to tax the rich, he extends the Republican tax breaks for same; we want an egalitarian society, he wants to make sure we don’t hurt his Wall Street friends’ feelings.

The out-of-touch one has gotta go, and the timing is perfect! You would be independent of but clearly building on this fall’s fantastic OWS efforts, which have raised awareness across the country of corruption, inequality, and ridiculously excessive corporate power. C’mon, Ralph, those are _your_ issues too.

People will tell you winning’s impossible, but they’ll be wrong, like they were about Gene McCarthy. And, whatever happens, you’ll still have a third party run to fall back on … Everybody knows you won’t come out of the primaries endorsing any corporate Democrat.

So hey, what do you say, how ’bout one more wild ride for the people?

— fairleft