The patience of the Global Financial Elite is wearing thin. The GFE may feign fealty to democracy when useful but, in the end, the needs of the plutocracy trump all. After months of dancing, dithering, obfuscating and praying for magic ponies the GFE are finally coming out and saying it: we demand that the German People bail out the Eurobanks. The GFE’s messenger, typically, is the New York TImes which on Friday boldly criticized Angela Merkel in an editorial entitled: “Will Mrs. Merkel Wake Up in Time?” And from what must Merkel awaken? Her dream that democracy rules and that the taxpayers of Germany should not bail out the international banksters:

Mrs. Merkel has gone along with conventional German wisdom that the earnings of frugal, hard-working German taxpayers should remain at home. She has bowed to anti-Europe conservatives in her coalition, agreeing that all further German contributions to European rescue efforts will be submitted to Parliament in advance. That means that any hope for a breakthrough now depends on Europe convincing Mrs. Merkel of what’s needed and her then convincing Germany’s Parliament.

At least it’s now out in the open and the banksters and their apologists are saying it outright to the Germans: Give us your money, just like we took the money of the American People. Give us your money or we will take you down with us. Give us your money because we are Too Big to Fail. Give us your money because we are the Global Financial Elite.

What will the Germans answer?