Today The Greatest Quarterback That Jesus Ever Created will get a non-injury related start and NOTHING WILL EVER BE THE SAME AGAIN. We’re on our way out to Ye Olde Ale & Flatte Screene Emporium with the hope that we will see this momentous event … but they’ll probably only have the Chargers-Jets game on because on contractual agreements with CBS and because they are godless heathens. Fortunately for young master Tebow, he will get to face what is arguably the worst team in the NFL, at least based upon last Monday nights effort.

For those of you in war-torn countries or possibly praying that your doctor calls with good news about your tests … you’re just going to have to suck it for three hours because Jesus needs to make sure that Timmy finishes the day with a quarterback rating over 105.

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(Update) midway through the 3rd quarter, 3 for 6 for net 2 yards passing. Impressive.

(Update again) He truly is The Son Of God. Who floats outlet passes like a Pop Warner quarterback..

Also. Too. The Dolphins really Suck for Luck.




Yeah. Like I would tell you....