Pay no attention to the Iraq warmonger behind the curtain!

Republicans and other elite representatives of the One-Percenters running this country know that the facts are against them, in everything from economic dealings to the criminal-justice system to the environment. So, when confronted by the facts, they do everything they can to draw attention away from themselves, preferably through the use of inflammatory statements intended to bog people down in defending against them.

It’s yet another misdirection play, part of the Wall Street counterinsurgency plan, just like the Cost to the Taxpayer and the Stinky Noisy Rowdiness gambits. They want oh so badly to make this about the protesters and not the message, and to be about the smears the one-percenters create as opposed to the methods and motives and actions of the one-percenters themselves. “Pay no attention to that oligarch behind the curtain!” is their cry.

Now comes the latest and most vile smear of all. The Wall Street hedge fund financed ECI Republicans and conservatives like William Kristol and Gary Bauer who are currently screaming “anti-semites!” now (in the face of all the evidence to the contrary) are the same ones who backed the Iraq invasion and did their damndest to paint Iraq war opponents as anti-semites in order to keep the public from pulling back the curtain on the phony WMD claims and other nonsense used to justify the invasion of a nation, their slaughter of its peoples, and their plans to profit from it all. [cont’d.]

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One of the things that gives these conservatives’ and Republicans’ game away is their odd blindness to all other forms of bigotry. They flatly refuse to admit what even Michael Steele was compelled to admit — the decades-long use of the Southern Strategy, the Republican fanning of race-hatred flames as a way to get and hold white votes. Professional Christian (in the Twain sense) John Mark Reynolds has been assiduously broadcasting the ECI-backed smears against Occupy Wall Street, yet is also on record as saying that conservatives and Republicans don’t regularly use racism and bigotry for electoral gain, a classic case of hollering about the hypothetical mote in a neighbor’s eye whilst ignoring the two-by-four sticking out of one’s own.

Will the elites who among other things brought us the Iraq catastrophe get away with their similarly-dodgy attacks on Occupy Wall Street? Not if we continue to turn the focus away from the one-percenters’ trumped-up smears and back where it belongs: on the one-percenters’ actions.

Phoenix Woman

Phoenix Woman