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You can fool some of the people some of the time. . .

In the USA we have two parties, both of which are dominated by wealthy Wall Street investors and both of which serve the interests of Wall Street millionaires to the exclusion of the majority of the American people.  The leadership of the Republican and the Democratic parties both have their dupes.  The Republicans have their Tea Party and the Democrats have their progressives.

The leadership of both parties string these groups along with promises and both parties have Judas Goat leaders in each of their  fractured segments designated to brainwash these groups back into the party folds come election time.  Both parties work hard each election to keep these factions under their tent and thus ensure that the two parties remain the only show in town.  Howard Dean is perhaps the leading Judas Goat on the Democrat establishment team for the progressives and Michele Bachmann I would designate as the leading Judas Goat on the Republican establishment team.  While these Judas Goats preach to the factions what they want to hear, the main message is that they must stay and work within the folds of the big tent of the party at all costs.

The Tea Party, is not united even among itself as it has at least three distinct factions: 1)Wealthy elitist libertarians such as David Koch who would eliminate all government if they could, thus freeing them to grab even more than they already have.  2) Racists. Yes, although not a large element, there are some.  Among this faction are those who believe that their jobs are being stolen by immigrants (as opposed to being shipped overseas by the millions by the greedy millionaire Wall Street class of Congress who form its majority and their “free” trade agreements. 3) Working people who are tired of getting the shaft but tend to blame it on some vague notion of “big” government and “liberals”–forgetting that the very millionaires that they elect to Congress are the ones who have created this mess and who continue to perpetuate it.

OWS may be able to coalesce enough from the dissatisfied factions of both parties to form a viable third party.

Those who belong to factions 1 and 2 of the Tea Party will never join the OWS.  However, the large group of the Tea Party which consists of working people who are not racists will find a home with the OWS, much as the people did in the late 1800?s with the Populist Party. It will involve some re-education–not by brainwashing, but by simply presenting other viewpoints and giving people the choice of choosing based on verifiable fact instead of disinformation and emotional appeal.

On the other side of the aisle, the progressive faction has a few who will move back into the folds of the Democratic Party and will buy the kool-aid of the corporate-centrist leadership of the Democratic Party, even after these last 3 years of Obama, that by “working within the Democratic Party they will get representation.” These people will all come from the upper 20% who earn in excess of $100,000 a year and most of them will have significant amounts of their money invested in Wall Street.

The formation of this viable third party will not likely come in time to play a role in the elections of 2012, but that does not prevent the OWS from wielding political power by encouraging those from within its ranks to run candidates as Independents.  In fact, the OWS may never form a political party (owing to its nature as a group dedicated to social change, democracy and representation of the majority).  Perhaps they will instead always support candidates from the Independent, the Green and other third parties.  Perhaps OWS will become known simply as the “friends of the Third Party.”

The most telling questions that any American can ask of any candidate for public office include the following ones.  Answers to these questions will tell you more what you can expect from a candidate than any of their campaign rhetoric.

1. Do you own stock in Wall Street?

2. What is the current value of that stock?

3. What are the top three Wall Street corporations in which you are invested?

4. What is your net worth?

Liz Berry

Liz Berry