Pictured: Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich debate the import issues of the day in Iowa.

After the Pizza Guy’s oopsie on abortion the other day, you just knew the Secessionist was going to clobber him for it.

“It is a liberal canard to say I am personally pro-life but government should stay out of that decision,” Perry said, without naming Cain. “If that is your view, you are not pro-life, you are pro having your cake and eating it too.”

So naturally, the Pizza Guy took it all back.

“I believe abortion should be clearly stated as illegal across this country,” Cain said…

Meanwhile, Michele Bachmann went one further — calling for the perfect, divinely-inspired U.S. Constitution to be changed.

“I believe that the government must intervene and I stand for a federal constitutional amendment to protect life from conception until natural death,” Bachmann told the audience, prompting cheers.

And the Frothy Mixture told us that he’s pro-life because God told him to be.

“You want to know why I’m pro-life? God showed me if you are faithful, he will be faithful,” Santorum told the crowd, who fell silent as the former senator shared his personal family story.

And Ron Paul was — well, Ron Paul.

Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, discussed his monetary policy positions, even pointing to passages from the Bible about gold.

So how did they all do?

I don’t see anyone galvanizing people like they did for Mike Huckabee,” said Steve Scheffler, president of the event’s sponsor and a leading social conservative activist in Iowa. “And I’d be lying if I told you that can change in one event.”

That may be too harsh. Is it really fair to compare any of these candidates to a political giant like Mike Huckabee?

Blue Texan

Blue Texan