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I’m sitting down here in Ruskin, FL, along the shores of the mighty Little Manatee River (about 20 miles south of Tampa). Fall reached down and touched us this week, the last couple of nights the temps in the low 50s and the high only reaching the upper 60s. Since my blood has gotten thinned from living in Florida or Texas most of these last 8 years, mid-50s temps are a bit nippy. Not that it matters, but if I found a job in my career field that necessitated me moving back to Upstate New York or New England again, I would do so in a heartbeat. I still have all my cold weather clothing just in case, and it would not be the first time I’ve moved to cold weather from warm (Hawaii to New Hampshire when I got out of the USAF in 1982 for example).

I have no idea why, but I’ve been thinking about the Fall Festivals we used to have at school when I was a kid. For first grade through fourth grade, I attended Berry Elementary School (grades 1 – 8) in Berry, KY. Each year, there was a Fall Festival in the school gym. Each class would help put up decorations. I have recollections of people being in costumes (it was close to Halloween) and there were homemade pies and cakes available. I remember playing musical chairs as part of the festivities. Each class would have a boy and girl as “Prince and Princess” (grades 1 through 4) or “King and Queen” (grades 5 through 8) candidates. I was the Prince candidate in the first grade although we didn’t win. While I remember most of the names of my classmates from Berry, especially those with whom I went all four years there and re-united with in the “new” county wide junior high a couple of years later, about all I can remember of my “Princess” is that she was a brunette and I think her name was Linda.

So, did/do you have a fall festival at your school or town? Or maybe your town had/has an Oktoberfest. Or maybe your town was just intent in getting things ready for the winter without all the folderol.

And c’mon, do you really expect something other than this video today?

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