No to little MSM coverage of OWS ? sounds familiar.

In that both seek to battle the deleterious effects of   the Obama/Romney/ Corporate  Axis of Evil, not suprising.

Neither Paul nor OWS has asked for or receive  any Wall Street money. Obama/Romney- infested is probably the best word.

OWS  has raised its money from the people. Ron Paul’s recent money bomb raised almost 3 million in small donations from the people.

OWS and Ron Paul would like to see the fraud laws sending the guilty to jail. Obama/ Romney they have and will protect the Wall Street criminals at any cost.

OWS and Ron Paul would like to see and end to the wars. Obama/Romney- the only question is who next and how many how quickly and how can we continue it for as long as possible

OWS and Ron Paul  believe that the government should not cover the losses of the banksters, nor shift those the loses to the American people. Obama/Romney- bought and paid for

OWS and Paul would probably agree on a host of other important issues including but not limited to: assassinating American citizens, assassinating other countries citizens, getting rid of NAFTA and other FTA’s, Burn the patriot act, supporting your right to grow your own food, using overseas MIC money to fund SS and medicare, Ending the war on drugs/minority community

As OWS  joins Ron Paul in his epic battle against the forces of evil, it will  bring many ” unwitting partisan progressives” in to outstretched and loving arms of the Doctor. Together we will defeat the root of all evil, that nexus between government and blood sucking multinational corporations, commonly known as fascism.

As the Greeks were just getting beat silly by the bankers they remained mostly silent, not the Spaniards. As the protests in Spain got under way, signs started popping up “QUIET GREECE IS SLEEPING”. It was a huge catalyst  to the start of the Greek Revolution. We hope that Ron would be to progressives what what the Spaniards were to the Greeks.

The revolution is on, thanks for wakin’ up.

— If you dont like children or  dont like American children please post your own- this blog is not about children and would hope that we could stay on the topic of OWS/ RON Paul regardless of your disdain-please keep it clean thanks