I SWEAH someday I will get back to pickin on the grass, new grass, proggy grass and more.

But I keep gettin distracted.

THIS one, is from Etta James, to Christine McVie (Christine Perfect) to a 2004 version of Christine’s band from before she joined Fleetwood Mac. N don’t GET me started on her work with that band cuz that’s another diary to cover years upon years to do her justice.


I *heart* Christine McVie and her voice, music and song.

So, let’s cut to it, once upon a time Etta James did this song. N LORD, Etta Owns This One, For Sure. Horns, listen the them horns, listen to them horns!


N then, after Etta did this one long ago, everyone covered it.

I did not research it all, I forget too much and time is up and down for me anymore . . . . but my fond memory of this song DOES reveal a lot I DO recall.

Once upon a time, there was this Brithish sanger n keyboard player, who had success. She was great, I loved her voice and work once I discovered her work . . n that was decades later after this work.

Christine McVie, a seminal force for decades with Fleetwood Mac, a voice to be treasured, a presence to appreciate . . . . I’d Rather Go Blind, Her Solo Album, listen to the horns!

N then, I found out Chicken Shack, Mz. Perfect’s old band, came out and in 2004 they were playing and did THIS version of this song.

God Bless Christine McVie, tho, damn I still love all the music she gave us. I will do a diary someday of her history n songs . .

Till then Here’s Chicken Shack ReUnion, No Christine Mac.

I’d Rather Go Blind . . . than to miss this music . . . sigh.

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Larue-Clique Member Since LibbyGate

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