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Tripoli Airport June 2009- Wiki Commons – I doubt it looks like this today.

“The news is out tonight that the liberation of Libya will be declared on Sunday in the city of Benghazi, often referred to as the cradle of the revolution that overthrew Muammar Qaddafi, and not in the capital Tripoli, interim government officials said, as NATO said it was unaware that Qaddafi was travelling in the convoy struck by alliance aircraft near Sirte.

The chairman of the ruling National Transitional Council, Mustafa Abdel Jalil, will make the announcement, the officials said.  “The decision has been taken,” an NTC official said. ‘The declaration of liberation will be in Benghazi, not Tripoli.'”   Source:  Al Arabiya


Some are celebrating in Tripoli tonight

ILWQ COMMENTS:  After all they probably don’t want serve everyone cat and dog meat at their celebratory banquet.

No surprise here.  Tripoli, the capital of the country,  looks more like Fallujah today after weeks of NATO bombing of a few hundred soldiers and 80,000 civilians.  It  is a city in ruins with no food left and water and electricity turned off.  Sirte imams have issued a fatwa (degree) allowing survivors to eat cats and dogs.

The victorious NTC would have no water at their celebration banquet and they would be forced to eat barbecued cat and dog. Then there is the issue of no electricity so the party would have to end at sunset.

Liz Berry

Liz Berry