The Occupation Of Iraq Is Over

Reuters is reporting that President Obama has decided to end the occupation of Iraq this year.

The announcement is guaranteed to set off a chorus of voices in the progressive blogosphere, lamenting the lives that were wasted in the war and the occupation that followed.  My take is that only people who oppose all wars as a waste of life are on solid ground doing that.  The rest of us run the risk of implying that we know which wars are worth it and which aren’t.

We will also hear we are leaving because the Iraqis wouldn’t give our troops immunity from Iraqi law.  My take on that is that the Iraqis don’t need us to violate their citizens’ civil rights for them under a status of forces agreement.  They can do that on their own.

I’m glad it’s over and the troops are coming home.

Billy Glad blogs at Annals of the Hive

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