State of the Occupation (Thursday Roundup)

Hello, fellow revolutionaries!

From England, Fox News UK at Occupy LSX:

In Australia there have been numerous arrests today, and there’s currently a showdown going down in Melbourne.

The caption reads “Protesters barricade themselves in with kitchen tables.”


The most recent tweets from OccupyMelbourne are:

Unionists and supportive citizens are reportedly breaking police lines to come in and join us in the city square #occupymelbourne #cfmeu



We have collectively agreed not to sign any bail conditions that prevent us from returning to the city square #occupymelbourne #ows


In the US, a new video of the non-violence training at Occupy Memphis has been released.


We also have powerful words from


A leader-full movement cannot be evicted…
…and an awakened giant cannot be put back to sleep.

Two words to Mayor Bloomberg and all other officials throughout the land who may be thinking they can evict their local Occupy encampment:

Too Late!

It’s too late because this is a movement full of leaders. You can’t lock up a key few and watch the others disperse. We are decentralized and answer to no one and nothing, save our own hearts and morals. We are all in this together. If you arrest a few hundred or a few thousand on Friday in Zuccotti Park, that will do nothing but make this movement more powerful and more resilient, as a limitless supply of leaders stands up to take the place of those removed.


Here’s a great photo-gallery from the arrests at the MN protest today.


From, In a Single Month, the Occupation Became a Force.


Today was especially notable for the enormous, historic protests in Greece where tear gas was used against protesters. A Guardian commentary said about the situation in Greece:


Greece is split in two. On one side are politicians, bankers, tax evaders and media barons supporting the most class-driven, violent social and cultural restructuring western Europe has seen. The “other” Greece includes the overwhelming majority of the population. It was in evidence yesterday when up to 500,000 people took to the streets; the largest demonstration in living memory. The attempt to divide civil servants (ritually presented as lazy and corrupt) from private sector employees (the “tax evading” plumbers) has misfired. The only success the Papandreou government can boast is the abolition of the old right-left division – replaced by a divide between the elites and the people.



In Asia, Chinese leaders grow nervous about Occupy Wall Street.


Finally, an amazing, must-see photo-gallery of OWS’s global spread.



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