Some religious right and social conservative views regarding the sanctity of parental rights:

  • From Focus On The Family’s affiliateCitizenLink article Parental Rights Vs. Government-School Hijack:

    Parents are furious.


    State governments are usurping parents’ God-given rights, responsibilities and roles in raising their children as they see fit, and to impart family values and morals regarding sexuality to their children. Our children’s morals and values are being hijacked by liberal state officials and schools boards…

  • From the CitizenLink article by Candi Cushman, CitizenLink Education Analyst, entitled Parental-Rights Backlash Is Brewing:

    At the national level, there’s another movement afoot to support a Parental Rights Amendment. It states that “The liberty of parents to direct the upbringing and education of their children is a fundamental right.”

    …At Focus on the Family, we welcome these initiatives as a healthy sign that our society has not totally forgotten the principles it was founded upon. We believe that not only do parents have a God-ordained right and responsibility to determine what is best for their children—but that, in general, parents also have the most intimate knowledge of their children, and therefore, should have the power to decide when, if and how their kids are introduced to sexual topics.

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  • From the Christian Science Monitor‘s Supreme Court lets stand grandparent-visitation decision, quoting Benjamin Bull of the Family Research Council:

    Parents are facing “increasingly intrusive demands of the modern state to micromanage the American family,” wrote Benjamin Bull in a brief filed on behalf of the Family Research Council. ”When courts cross-apply the ‘best-interests-of-the-child’ standard to the much different context of a dispute between a parent and a non-parent…, they necessarily cross into the territory of the state potentially substituting its judgment for that of the only litigant holding a fundamental right to direct the child’s upbringing.”

  • From the Family Research Council‘s Marriage & Family, under the subheader “Parental Rights”:

    FRC believes that both the responsibility and the authority for raising children rest primarily with their biological or adoptive parents. Government should empower parents to control the upbringing of their children and minimize its interference with the exercise of parental authority, except in cases of demonstrable abuse or neglect. Specifically, public policy should protect the right and maximize the power of parents to choose the form of education they wish for their children, be it public schools, secular or religious private schools, or home schooling. Public schools should avoid undermining parental authority or interfering with transmission of parental values to their children. Medical procedures should not be performed on minors without parental consent, except in cases of medical emergency or public health necessity. The right of parents to impose necessary discipline, including spanking, upon their children should not be infringed.

  • From‘s board member Dr. Verlainna Callentine in the PDF Pediatrician-Educator Seeks Parental Rights Amendment:

    Children do not live in a vacuum. Parents know their children best, so they are the most qualified to make decisions for their individual needs.

Compare and contrast:

  • From the Christian Post‘s Christians Speak Out Against Blocking Puberty, Letting Boy Choose His Gender:

    A lesbian couple in California has decided to give their 11-year-old son hormone blockers to prevent the onset of puberty, giving the boy time to decide whether or not he wants to switch his gender.

    Pauline Moreno and Debra Lobel say their son Tommy wants to be a girl, so they’ve started giving him Hormone Blocking Therapy. The boy began taking GnRH hormone inhibitors this summer and will continue to do so until he is 14 or 15 years old, when he can determine which gender he wants to be, reports…

    …Peter Sprigg, senior fellow for policy studies with the Family Research Council, thinks the use of hormone treatments on Tommy “should be considered a form of child abuse.”

    He also questioned the influence of Tommy’s parents in the boy’s desire to be a girl.

    “It’s certainly reasonable to ask whether having two mothers and no father in the household has influenced his preference for being female,” Sprigg told CP on Monday…

  • From CitizenLink‘s Maine Schools Asked to Consider New ‘Transgender’ Guidelines:

    Candi Cushman, education analyst with Focus on the Family Action, said Americans can expect to see more of this problem if schools are forced to surrender to the “whims of gay activist groups – which seem more interested in scoring political goals than in protecting the innocence of children.”

    “In addition to the risky situations these policies would create – by allowing boys to use girls restrooms – you are talking about complications with biological males being allowed to compete on girls sports teams,” she said, “which brings up all sorts of fairness in competition issues.

    “We know studies show many children in middle and high school are still developing and processing their sexuality during these vulnerable years,” she explained. “So, it’s irresponsible to introduce policies that will put them in risky, sexually confusing situations.”

  • From CitizenLink‘s audio report by Audrey Bright Couple Encourages Child to be Transgender (Quoting CitizenLink‘s Senior Policy Analyst Jeff Johnston; Audio file transcript):

    Audrey Bright: CitizenLink’s Jeff Johnston:

    Jeff Johnston: It’s not healthy for a little boy to hate his body and to live in a fantasy world of being the other sex.

    Audrey Bright: It’s even more unhealthy to experiment biologically and hormonally with someone so young. The boy is taking hormone blocking drugs to delay puberty while he decides what gender to be as he becomes an adult. Johnston says this is:

    Jeff Johnston: People with an ideological bent and the psychological community experimenting on children.

    Audrey Bright: Scott understands the confusion and pain surrounding the situation. For him, gender has been lifelong painful and confusing thing.

    Scott: My gender issues began around five-years old.

    Audrey Bright: He was attracted to thing society associates with girls.

    Scott: You have a mixture of wounds and false beliefs and vows that I was making that I was making for all those very formative years.

    Audrey Bright: After living in the gay community for a time, Scott rediscovered his faith in The Lord, and his purpose in life.

    Scott: I believe every cell in my body genetically says I’m a male. And just making peace with that, that what God’s original intent and design for me was…was to be a male.

Religious right conservatives are for parental rights as long as the parents aren’t of the same sex; are for parental rights as long as the decisions don’t involve any healthcare decisions that can be interpreted as supporting trans youth.

Autumn Sandeen

Autumn Sandeen