Liveblogging the Real Estate Board: meets tonight to try to outlaw #OWS sleeping in park

Red Alert! Red Alert! (Photo: rykerstribe, flickr)

Red Alert! Red Alert! (Photo: rykerstribe, flickr)



Please come to the meeting tonight or send our messages or write about people coming to the meeting of the combined Quality of Life and Financial District subcommittee

Real Estate Board of New York asking the city to prohibit Occupy Wall Street-style use of public space.

In fact, the Real Estate Board of New York is reportedly preparing to ask the city to endorse universally applicable rules prohibiting future Occupy Wall Street-style use of public space, along with the automatic right to close all spaces at night.

REBNY is the 1%.

The Board’s ranks consist of 12,000 owners, builders, brokers, managers, banks, insurance companies, pension funds, real estate investment trusts, utilities, attorneys, architects, marketing professionals and many other individuals and institutions involved in New York realty.

Combined Quality of Life and Financial District Committees: TONIGHT 6:00 PM

Location: New York State Assembly Hearing Room
250 Broadway, 19th Floor

Agenda: 1) Occupy Wall Street protest in Zuccotti Park – Discussion and possible resolution

*Please note change of location

AAAAAND we’re going to take a stab at live blogging. I have a mole going to the meeting who will try to smuggle out dispatches from the belly of the beast. Let’s hope our intrepid undercover does not have his/her cover blown:

7:25 PM EST

A neighborhood woman says OWS protesters have been considerate to her kid.

A resident, Alan Shulkin, lives in community. union organizer supports OWS but understands drumming a problem.

policing the drumming is an issue problem

7:35 PM EST

A mother says she brings her kids down to Libery Plaza, but seems a bit weary, “It’s been 38 days.” Says that the drumming is the problem.

Another neighbor, a man, says “good neighbor policy is a farce.” And that the laws should be enforced.

[please note, update times reflect when I typed this not when words were spoken. There is a butterfingers relay lag]

A speaker, his name may be Stephen Abrahamson ?

7:37 PM EST
Says that protestors aren’t
occupying Wall Street but because it’s near Ground Zero they are occupying Ground Zero!

7:40 PM EST

A young black woman, says she is a drummer and the the drumming is being unfairly scapegoated.

She says that the jackhammmer drilling is worse than the drumming could ever be.
She also says that the neighborhood is primarily commercial not residential she says.
Goes O/T talking about black slave laborers.
This tangent could backfire.

7:43 PM EST

Community Board 1 has a good solution. It supports OWS (yeah), but thinks OWS should commit itself to a good neighbor policy.

7:45 PM EST

Two young people from OWS get up and point out that they are Occupying on behalf of everybody, not just themselves.

A gentleman from 120 Cedar Street supports OWS and says that the real noise problem is the jackhammers drilling all the time.

7″47 PM EST

Mr. Cedar Street wants to put pressure on the City to allow porta potties.

Another woman says she lives in area and the real problem is the police. They won’t let her pass through on her bike to get home. She supports OWS.

Yet another WASPY patrician looking woman says that she has been made a prisoner in her own apt, but not by OWS, by the police. She thinks they are overreacting. She supports OWS

7:50 PM EST

71 year old woman says police barricades are endangering her life, not OWS.

Local merchant complains about the barricades too. Say the barricades are disrupting business not OWS.

7:51 PM EST

Young woman gets up, says that she has grown up in NY all her life, that the City has always been loud and dirty and folks should just get used to it

7:53 PM EST
A young black woman educates the room about the history of Exchange Place in Lower Manhattan. Says that’s where slaves were bought and sold. She says that blood wells up from the very earth there.

7:55 PM EST

The last speaker is an OWS occupier.
He says he doesn’t want to disrespect those who live here. “We hope we can work this out”

Sounds to this Firepup like the bongo drums may have a time place and manner restriction coming their way, but hey, maybe that will also mean porta potties?

I think this meeting blew up in the faces of its organizers, since it appears that most of the residential and small business neighbor support OWS.

8:03 PM EST

Committeman John Fratto? Says we should have resolution supporting OWS.
Our kids will graduate in June with no jobs and lots of debts. The Occupiers are fighting for all of us

8:05 PM EST

A woman Board Member says that OWS may be an inconvenience, but it’s important

8:07 PM EST

Financial District Committeemember asks “what’s your endgame?”

One of the OWS woman says” it’s not about endgame but about coming together.”

Committeemember presses “what’s your solutions?”.

8:23 PM EST

Sorry for the interruption, it’s windy out here on the Island of Long and my power and Internet went out for a while, but I’m back with a great new piece of info:

The General Assembly of OWS offered the following resolution:

New York City General Assembly Good Neighbor Policy

“After respectful and good faith dialogue with members of the local
community which has been rebuilding since trauma of 9/11;
OWS hereby announces the following good neighbor policy:

1) OWS has zero tolerance for drugs or alcohol anywhere in Liberty Park.

2) OWS has zero tolerance for verbal abuse or violence to anybody

3) OWS has zero tolerance for for abuse of personal or public property

4) OWS will limit drumming on the site to two hours per day between the
hours of eleven AM and five PM only

5) OWS encourages all participants to respect health and sanitary
regulations and will direct all participants to respectfully utilize
appropriate off site sanitary facilities

6) OWS will display signage and have community relations and security monitors in Liberty Plaza in order to ensure awareness of and
respect for our guidelines and our good neighbor policy”

from OWS presented to Community Board One.

so called friendly amendments offered by cb members

When we get a list of the amendments I will further update. But the meeting is over and it looks like OWs may have headed off a disaster. This is only a committee meeting and nothing is final until the entire Community Board meets next week, but so far so good!

[typos repaired]

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