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One of Today’s OccupyMN Arrestees is The Gent Who Glittered Karl Rove

The OccupyMN crew, having had their tents taken from them on Government Plaza, were going to move to US Bank Plaza — but they were thwarted by a group of power-washers that suddenly showed up and cordoned off most of the US Bank Plaza, right as they were gearing up to move their encampment there. The power-washers didn’t show any signs of leaving any time soon, either.

So, faced with the choice of setting up their tents on the narrow strip of sidewalk still open on the plaza, or making a bid to get some public space somehow, some of them chose to set up in the street — literally — and a few of them were arrested as a result. Per CityPages’ Jessica Lussenhop:

After a while, more Minneapolis police arrived on the scene, warning protesters that they’d need to get out of the street or face arrest. Nearly all of them followed this warning, but seven protesters refused, defying the orders and staying in the middle of the street.

The police lived up to their word: After a third warning, they moved in, and calmly arrested the people still in the street, who went into custody without incident. As other, more compliant protesters looked on, police also destroyed the remaining clear tent that had been set up by protesters.

The seven arrestees are Peter Leeman, Devin Wynn, Ben Egerman, Katrina Plotz, Merritt Benton, Misty Rowan and Jason St. John.

If one of these names, that of Ben Egerman, might sound familiar to you, it’s because the last time he was in the news, it was for glittering Karl Rove when Rove came to the Twin Cities for a book signing two weeks ago:

Egerman was detained by Bloomington police and security for two hours as Karl Rove initially decided to press assault charges. After consulting with police and his lawyers he reversed his decision declining to press charges and Egerman was released.

You can watch Rove getting a chance to feel the rainbow at the video above.

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