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NPR: They are the 1%?

Dear NPR,


My profile appeared for over two years at, where I made many relevant, uncensored comments on news pieces and was recommended by other NPR members.  This week, following a spate of respectful but critical comments I made about NPR’s lack of Occupy coverage (covering OWS belatedly; covering it from the police and corporate perspective; emphasizing violence rather than the legitimate issues the movement involves), NPR pulled my profile.  I was not told why my profile was removed, nor was I given an opportunity to rectify anything that might have been problematic about my profile.  Suddenly, my comments ‘are being moderated’.  And NPR’s ombudsman is not returning my emails enquiring why my profile was removed, nor giving me any information on how to fix my profile so I may again participate as part of the NPR community.


Naturally, this made me wonder whether NPR was in fact squelching me because NPR is against Occupy.


I’m not wondering anymore.  Apparently, NPR had an affiliate fired for just participating in Occupy.  Here’s the link:

Apparently, NPR is a community I no longer need to be part of, bought and paid for by the 1%.  I’m with the 99%, NPR, and you supposedly were, too.  Shame on you for sullying the one mainstream news source that represented the people.  Shame.



Duana C. Welch


Duana C. Welch, Ph.D.



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