Jesse Jackson Held the Line at OWS

For disclosure purposes, I wasn’t at OWS the night this occurred but I know the people relaying the story are honest, hard working people and bluntly put, they were physically there. Needless to say I think it is amazing. As I’ve said before, I work with the Medical group down there so this is what they told me yesterday about what happened Monday night:

A tent was donated to the Medics so that they could be more protected from the elements while doing their work. The NYPD doesn’t like that because they say that “structures” are not allowed in the park (It’s annoying, but we can at least understand that they don’t like not being able to observe what’s going on). Apparently at around 11:30pm on Monday night, a wall of cops started assembling on the side of the park where the Medical area is.The Medics at the clinic started calling out for all the medics to regroup at the tent and lock arms around it to prevent the cops from taking down the tent. The Medics did exactly that but that call must have gone out to all of the Occupiers because they too came over and locked arms in rings around the tent. Then, from out of nowhere, Jesse Jackson came over and locked arms with the Occupiers and risked arrest. The cops didn’t want any part of that and then retreated.

Whatever you want to say about Jesse Jackson, when it mattered he showed up and held the line. That’s more than I can say for many so called allies.

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