My neighbor had lost his job recently and with that lost his health care. He has worked and paid taxes for at least the 12 years he has been my neighbor. His daughter has diabetes. When he went down to see about  obtaining treatment for his 6 year old daughter he was soundly rejected could not even apply. The system has been so overloaded caring for illegals there is no room for Americans. It is likely that he will lose his house in the next two months, his medical bills for his daughter having completely devastated his families savings.

He had worked his whole life paying taxes, supporting those here illegally and just wants a little help as he became unemployed. Instead we pay for costs of generational  illegal immigration and throw my neighbor under the bus and back over him a couple of times. As he spoke to me it was profoundly enlightening to watch reality transform his pro-illegal immigrant dogma into the reality based conclusion that he has lost his average joe life, house an probably the life of his daughter to the alter of open borders.

As we finished our conversation I offered my somewhat dated RV as a place to live after their pending eviction. They are welcome to stay as long as they want. It is hardly tolerable living conditions for a family of four, with health issues. There is nothing I can do to get them medical care. They can expect multiple trips to the emergency rooms as their daughter’s health continues to deteriorate from that sub-standard care. As he turned to leave after thanking me for my offer, tears welling in his eyes for what i perceived  as his relief at knowing his family would at least have a roof over their heads, he had changed his mind on illegal immigration- likely to late for his daughter! Also, the ranks of those waiting for housing assistance, swollen with illegals, makes his earliest possible help for housing- six months off–

We owe a huge debt to Mexico. This has been true starting with Texas and continuing to and beyond the devastation the Mexican People have been subjected to, under Monsanto. The only way to pay that debt would be to work in substantial form to supply health care and opportunities in Mexico. When drugs are  one tenth of the price in Mexico. When health care in general is a small fraction of the cost up here. Paying an educational professional in Mexico-tiny comparative cost. We in the process would build Mexico’s infrastructure, something sorely needed. Or we can do it on the back of my neighbor!

As the economy continues to spiral down. The illegal immigrant community will be the first casualty  resulting from my neighbors(many neighbors) experience. If you believe that when push comes to shove, that Americans are going to side with continued Illegal immigration and its cause and effect and thousands and thousands of 6 year old girls expiring because of illegals receiving services that the six year old girl would have received. You are gravely mistaken and will inadvertently devastate those you supposedly care about. Profoundly typical.