The Left, the Democrats, the Progressives, have blood dripping from their lips as they relate the latest Obama murder in the form of Moammar Gadhafi. As with every other murder done in the name of this administration, the Left licks its lips describing yet another “head” in the Obama trophy room. I find it sickening and repulsive coming from a party (the Democrats) or a so-called movement (the Progressives), this satisfaction of murder. This is coming from the same folks who branded “war criminal” and “murderer” (and rightfully so) on Dick Cheney, George W. Bush, et al. But, there it is, lying there naked in its own sordid truth: the bloodthirstiness of the Left equal to and more grotesque than that of the Right.

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Overlooking for now how this continuing excuse for perpetual war, this Libyan War, has dragged on well past it’s original “days, weeks” assessment, it is worth noting how it was declared “over” many times, much like Osama was declared dead many times, or even the Americans Anwar al-Awlaki and Samir Khan, and now, at long last, that butcher of Tripoli, Gadhafi. Hillary Clinton’s wish that Gadhafi were killed apparently came true! Because, dead men tell no tales. And like Saddam, Osama, etc., Gadhafi certainly had a lot of tales to tell. Oh well, so much for that. And so much for the Left examining these conveniently timed murders for being just that, or how Obama seems to be “cleaning up” so many of the Bush/Cheney enemies.

Because the Left now wallows in death and bathes gleefully in the blood, they sicken me more than Republicans who do the same. For the Left should find these murders, extrajudicial or otherwise, repugnant. For calling the Republicans “murderers” they now stand in the shameful light of hypocrisy. Wipe that blood from your lips before you speak to me again.