Arthur Laffer of table napkin connect the dots Laffer curve tax reduction fame has endorse the Cain 9-9-9 tax plan because it is simple and will therefore will save what he claims is 30 cents on every dollar spent administering the current taxes in the tax code.

Now first a confession – I really like the “used” exemption from the sales tax that Cain says the poor would surely use – as in used food. This is the first explicit, as opposed to implicit, GOP plan that says feed the rich more and let the poor eat shit.


I wonder if a simple tax system is really the goal – would Laffer endorse a simple annual asset tax on worldwide assets with credits for assets taxes paid in other countries – say 5% – with a $5 million deductible for all persons including “corporate persons”, plus a 55% flat income tax on all income, wages plus investment, with a $5 million dollar deductible for all persons, including “corporate persons”, plus a 55% Estate Tax with a $5 million deductible, plus an 5% earnings tax on all wages and investment income, separately on each person and on their employer, replacing the payroll tax as the support for Social Security and Medicare, with a first $5,000 exemption, plus a 5% Value Added Tax – a VAT – on all goods, with a rebate on goods exported, so we can compete?

Now the above is very simple – back of an envelope seems to produce enough money for a massive jobs program plus what we are currently spending plus National Health with no deficit – indeed a surplus.

So will Laffer endorse the 5% -5, 55%-5, 55%-5, 5%-5, 5% Plan? It’s simple – saves that 30% cost of doing your taxes he is worried about, and 5% -5, 55%-5, 55%-5, 5%-5, 5% rolls off the tongue doesn’t it?