Unpopular President but Unacceptable GOP Replacements


We need better choices (photo: Just Us 3, flickr)

A slight majority of the American people don’t think President Obama deserves another term. According to the AP-GFK poll 50 percent of American adults think he deserves to be voted out of office, while only 46 think he deserves another term. Politically the poll is even worse for Obama than the numbers indicate at first glance, because the people who actually turn out to vote tend to be more Republican leaning than American adults as a whole.

Despite a majority of adults thinking Obama does not deserve another term as president, he still leads all the top Republican candidates in a general election. In a head to head match up, with those “leaning” towards a choice included, Obama leads Mitt Romney 48-45. Obama would beat Herman Cain 49-43 and Obama would crush Rick Perry 51-42. Perry is such a bad general election candidate he makes some American who think Obama doesn’t deserve another term actually want to vote for Obama.

This is a rather pathetic statement on the current state of both parties, but especially the Republican party. The America people think Obama shouldn’t be president, yet within the entire primary field the Republican party doesn’t have one plausible nominee that the public sees as an acceptable alternative.

The American people say Obama is doing a poor job as president and doesn’t deserve re-election as a result, but the Republicans don’t have a single candidate the American people think would do better.

With both major parties putting forth subpar candidates, this argues for a real national conversation about changing our bad election laws so there can be more than just two viable parties.

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Jon Walker

Jon Walker

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