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Sarah Palin Slams Rick Perry on Immigration

by edalisse

I know, I know — the Quitter’s a troll, her endorsement probably doesn’t mean too much at this point, etc.

But I admit it — I do miss these tasty word salads.

“By providing in state tuition for those who are not residents of his state, because the illegal immigrants who are there — they are not even obviously — not residents of America legally much less the state of Texas,” Palin said. “It sounds like Rick Perry is having a heck of a time trying to explain his position on illegal immigration when he has incentivized some to be able to really grasp a benefit that the majority of Americans would never be able to take an advantage of: in state tuition in the state of Texas.”

Man, just when the Secessionist needed a life preserver — she throws him an anvil.

I’m not sure what the Secessionist was thinking bringing up his greatest vulnerability — with a ham-handed, recycled attack line from Rudy Giuliani, no less. He’s just coming across as a pissy, petulant jerk in these debates.

Doesn’t seem to be working for him.

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