Most Stock Brokers are Part of the 99%

Well, I looked at how badly my stocks have been doing. I realized that over the years, how even in “boom years” only a few stocks did well, many of the sectors tanked.

Investment’s not an easy business. Especially when insiders hedge off part of the market, short-sellers bring down well-run companies, government’s handing out free money to your competitors….

Some article yesterday wrote that “honest bankers are victims too”, and while it’s tempting to believe otherwise, anyone who doesn’t treat the market illegally can’t compete. Even if they can make a profit, their investors will demand they keep up with the dishonest ones.

So honest traders are victims too.

The people making the profits aren’t doing it on the market side of the business – they’ve gamed it so they get revenues whatever they do. That’s a kind of “arbitrage”, where you’ve got a guaranteed non-competitive profit stream.

Of course they get these illegally and immorally, whatever the machinations and protests of their lobbyists.

Honest bankers, honest stock traders should be pissed too – the money’s coming out of their pockets for the sake of a few.

While we see skyrocketing profits on Wall Street and in banking, I’m sure if you look at the figures closely, you’ll find that it’s still a minority who are making a bonanza.

Okay, and if you’re a clerk at one of these companies, you probably get some trickle down effect, while the rest of us get the full douche. That’s usually how corruption works – a little payola for the little gatekeepers on the way, nothing much, just to grease the skids, the big payout.

What do the 99% want? An end to the free lunch at Tiffany’s.

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