Matt Taibbi has a new, must-read article out titled “Why Rush Limbaugh Is Freaking Out About Occupy Wall Street”

Anyway, the hysterical responses from the Rushes of the world are just more signs that these protests are working. I never thought I’d see it, but some of the dukes and earls high up in America’s Great Tower of Bullshit are starting to blink a little bit. They seem genuinely freaked out that OWS doesn’t have leaders or a single set of demands, which in addition to being very encouraging is quite funny.


Speaking of Rush, I rather like what he had to say yesterday, too:

RUSH: Charlie Gasparino has a piece in the New York Post. He went down, actually talked to some of these protesters down there, and like everybody else that has gone down there and done that, he came away with quite a stark reaction. And his advice is tell the president, you don’t want to be anywhere near this. These people are, whether they know it or not, a bunch of Marxists. This is not just about redistributing wealth. This is about total revolution.


I gotta be honest with you. I haven’t laughed about anything in a long time. I wish I could. None of this is funny to me. That, too, is bumming me out. All this rotgut, and now Cantor yesterday saying, (paraphrasing) “The Republicans, yeah, you know what? We also have a problem with this income inequality stuff.” Was on Fox News Sunday. What is it about our guys? Stare success right in the face and kick it in the face. Yeah, there is a problem with income disparity, yeah, there is too wide a gap. Yeah, yeah. Who we trying to relate to here? Who’s votes are we trying to get to with this? Our phrase is now, the Republican leadership phrase is: We are for income mobility.

So we’re allowing the premise to be set by these people and now we’re jumping in on it and trying to prove it.




From, “Egypt’s Top ‘Facebook Revolutionary’ Now Advising #occupywallstreet”


From an occupation in Mexico:


Occupy Portland has released a nice flickr set.


FDL diarist gnomedigest does a wonderful job of telling the story of the arrests at Occupy Raleigh.


Here’s a nice pic of Occupy DC’s tent city.

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