Perry Campaign Reeling Going into Tonight’s GOP Debate

by DonkeyHotey

The Secessionist will try to stop the bleeding at tonight’s Republican debate in Las Vegas, but he’s got his work cut out for him: his campaign is folding like a cheap suit.

Consider this. Just last month, in Florida, he was leading all GOP candidates at 29 percent. Today, he’s trailing Newt Gingrich (Newt Gingrich!) at 2.9 percent. That’s a 27 point drop in 4 weeks.

How’s that “Social Security is unconstitutional” message working out for you, governor?

The campaign is also battling new allegations of financial shenanigans and, unhelpfully, it seems like the Secessionist’s Christianist backers can’t stop saying derogatory things about Mitt Romney’s religion.

And how’s this for a shocker: Willard is actually beating the Secessionist among Evangelicals, 51%-39%. That might be the most under-reported poll number of the week.

In short, the Secessionist is constantly playing defense — and it’s not helping that he’s whining about it.

All of this has allowed the Pizza Guy to gobble up the Anyone-But-Romney vote, and take the lead.

If the Secessionist phones in another mediocre debate performance tonight, he could be toast.

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