I’ve read some stellar diaries over the past month about #Occupy that inspire, encourage, inform, motivate and more, so thanks to each and every FDL Front Pager from Mz. Hamsher to Mr. Dayen, Mr. Walker, Mr DaKine, Mz. Phoenix Woman, n so many more I KNOW I’m missin names please forgive me, all y’all KNOW I treasure all yer fonts.

Kevin G!!! Cripey yer the lead dawg! Dang I’m lackin in the social graces of given props! My bad. Thanks Kevin G for all yer doin n travelin, yer such a hoss and I read it all you blog.

But so, WTF am I rambling on about now?

To the chase!

A few incredible diaries today, like THIS one by Cmaukonen set me off to new heights of caring and reading.

If ya missed this one, please FireBaggers, give it a read, it’s worthy and deserving of more consideration comment wise than it got IMHO. I was inspired to comment thusly:

Nice read and great excerpts from The Guardian.
#Occupy has already changed things, it’s already succeeded.
All that’s left now is to let it grow and see if it continues to change and influence things to the extent we the people will benefit . . . and changing the balance of power, wealth and control the 1% hold on us all is what is at stake.
For now though, let #Occupy Run Unfettered From ‘Concerns’ about it’s inevitable failure . . . for as sure as shit, that ‘concern’ can doom #Occupy as surely as the PTB want to doom #Occupy.
Again, thanks for the read. Bravo.

This one, by a new person I think, also deserves some consideration. It Speaks Of Losing #OWS . . . It Speaks Well.

It prompted THESE thoughts from me:

Well done IMHO.
As was put forth in many other diaries of late, the ‘fear’ of OWS failing is balderdash.
It has ALREADY forced change, disrupted the Status Quo.
That cannot be undone.
The future is uncertain, oh yes it is, but it’s fucking WAY to early to write the damned obituary out of ‘concerns’ so many seem to have.
Let the damned thing run its course, it’s doing fine so far.
DO NOT ATTEMPT TO OCCUPY #Occupy! In doing so, you ‘concerned people’ co opt it as surely as the PTB wish to co opt it.
Great diary, thanks once again.
I hope all the ‘concerned’ people read it and GET IT!

Szielinski set me off in some LONG thoughts about this one. Did The Left Die? NO! I Ain’t Dead! (my quote, not diary title, just click it and read it!

The diary author in that one set me off to this comment:

That was a lot of covered up white space to wade thru SZ, I’m glad I took the time to do so . . . you moved me to think about the 20?s, 30?s, Studs Terkel, Utah Phillips, Eugene Debs, Wobblies . . . labor, solidarity, organizing . . . n then the 60?s n 70?s, the Beats of the 50?s.
Challenge the status quo, ask questions, demand answers.
Rage against the machine (I know, how cliche huh). That shit.
Its good to think about that shit again . . . every day.
Diaries like yers will DO that to a 99%’er . . . 😉

But before some naysayers complain I’m self comment whoring, lemme make this clear.

Those were some FINE diaries, and they got me going. Go read them.

But for THIS diary, I save the ONE most intriguing (to me) and most impressionable (to me) for last.

Spocko, ya danged hoss of hosses, what can I say about all yer work with chasing after radio stations playing shit and you compiling advertisers and then telling the station owners/managers about how them advertisers might be offended by bad jocks, who then got removed from the air!


Those of you readers who don’t know who Spocko is or what he’s done, check out the MyFDL search function, the FDL search function, this guy’s a legend and a hero from years back with his work.

N he just HAPPENED to post a diary today, that’s long, complicated, involved and detailed, bless his heart. 😉

N EVERYone should read it.

Like Kelly Canfield, Spock has done WORK, and shared that work, with FDL, MyFDL . . . they create things, stuff we readers can use, learn from and such.

Here’s Spocko’s Diary Tonite, Read It, Understand It, It Is INCREDIBLY Important To USE This Info He Posts!

N that’s the hook for me, for this diary, for why I decided to go on at length and share some of what I’ve been reading and some of my comments.

Spocko, dude, you set me off hard and fast and long.

N this is what I said on his GRAND diary. Cuz ya know, the story is everything, n second only is the TELLING of the story, to our lives.

Had to stop and tell ya what a hell of an effort this is.
Thanks for the diary, the work . . .
IMHO this is what #Occupy needs, a means to further the dialogue, take that dialogue to the 1%, and in the process, allow the 99% to read more and more about each other . . .
And these stories should be shared mouth to mouth, email to email, fax to fax or by any means possible, flyers, hand outs . . . these are the stories that will arouse others of the same who have held back, are hard hit and can’t participate, who might just not believe we are all in it together.
Studs Terkel was a master at using people’s stories, their chronicles, to shape a book FULL of so much story it was IMPOSSIBLE not to be moved and fully captured to the causes he wrote about.
The narrative, the story, the chronicles of we the people, that’s the magic, that’s the medicine, that’s the mojo to beat back the lies and deceits waged upon we the people to impoverish us all . . . .
Yeah, baby . . . thanks Spocko for all you do, rcc’d highly x a gizillion.
I gotta muse me some about this narrative thang, it’s dear to my life and heart . . . #Occupy has GOT it . . .
1) Will these stories be available for sharing on the intertubes? Blogged about? Shared here at MyFDL?
I’m telling ya, the narrative, the story . . . IS the life blood of 20?s n 30?s US human suffering, and the labor organizing, the tent cities in DC and elsewhere, the revolts against the coal mine owners, and more . . .
Studs Terkel, U Utah Phillips, Eugene Debs . . . they were the story, they compiled the story, they sang and wrote and lived the story . . .
Heady stuff to consider here, using narrative and story and chronicle to share with others of common cause, even if they don’t KNOW they are common cause.
THis is how #Occupy grows FAST. It’s how the past disobediences spread, thru the 60?s and 70?s even . . . the telling and sharing of story is a powerful juju.
Hmmm . . . .

So ya see Fire Baggers, I think this story is important, and it’s important to SHARE and SPREAD these stories. I happen to think it’s the greatest thing we can do to support #Occupy and help this pony run, let this horse run, let it GROW!

My question to you FireBaggers is, how can these stories be collected and shared and spread, door to door, flyers, discussions at work where it’s appropriate (if I was working, I’d not bring this to work cuz I don’t believe in mixing work and personal lives), anywhere and anytime in yer life . . . how can these stories be shared and spread?

Cuz that my dear Occupiers, that is a major means of spreading this #Occupy of ours . . . tell me, how do we share and spread the stories if Spocko can make them available to us?

Dream on it . . . I sure am. The Story is strong in our lives, but it’s been stripped from us thru bad education and corrupted channels of communications.

How do we tell our story so the 99% EVERYWHERE really hears it and joins us?

Will ya tell me Yer Story, n how we can share them all? With each other?

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