The interview finally got put up on youtube.

Should a peace-and-love Hippie activist use the language of guns?  Well…damn; excuse me, but it sure was the image that filled my mind while I listened.  Please get over it if it makes you grumpy; okay?   Again: KAPOW!   LOL!

The famous prosecutor of financial fraud during the S&L Crisis/Debacle, Professor and author William Black who now teaches and UM-KC, and the wonderful Dave DeGraw of discuss #Occupy Wall Street as not being a Left-Right issue, and declaim loudly about the trillions of dollars of fraudulent financial activity, and the absolute dearth of prosecutions by the either craven or sold-out AG Eric Holder.  (Fair warning: Paul Krugman takes some smackin’.)

DeGraw is one of the originators of the 99% Movement, and has worked at keeping his site up and operating as it gets hacked and crashed with regularity.  William Black also coined the phrase: accounting control fraud.

Damn; this is awesome stuff!

Bill Black was on DemocracyNow! today.