Occupy Radio! (Photo: masochismtango, flickr)

Occupy Radio! (Photo: masochismtango, flickr)

The NYC declaration of Occupy Wall Street says, ” They purposely keep
people misinformed and fearful through their control of the media. ” It also says people should occupy public property.

They are correct.  And I have some news for you, folks, the public airwaves ARE public property.
Say what?

Yep.  Local radio or local TV (not cable or satellite) actually broadcasts over frequencies in the air.  Airwaves, they are called.  Our public airwaves, to be more precise.

In effect, we are landlords renting our airwaves to broadcasters, only we don’t charge money.  Instead, TV and radio stations are licensed to broadcast over our airwaves ONLY IF they “serve the public interest.”  That’s the law.

How well are local radio stations serving YOUR public interest?

(You heard about their shock jocks putting the private phone number of
the CA Dream Act organizer over the air so people could call and
harass or threaten him?  Is that serving the public interest?  I say no.  I say they’ve crossed a line, and they must be held accountable.)

Occupy LA is paying attention.  Tomorrow (Tuesday, October 17) at about 6 PM, they’ll be showing my documentary film on this topic, “Broadcast Blues.”

Will the Occupy LA General Assembly decide it’s time to Occupy the Media?

We’ll see.  I’ll keep you posted.

Sue Wilson

Sue Wilson