Hello, fellow revolutionaries! Today, a really great new video interview with hero journalist Chris Hedges was posted on YouTube.


Speaking of heroes, Dr Cornel West was released from jail and won’t be charged with anything. After release he tweeted:

CornelWest Cornel West
I emerged from jail with a stronger fortitude and greater determination to fight for #justice. #ows



CornelWest Cornel West
Our criminal justice system is the night side of American society. It needs fundamental transformation.



CornelWest Cornel West
Let us continue to try to change the world! #ows #OccupyWallStreet


OccupyCincy has announced :

Cincinnati, OH– A lawsuit was filed today in federal court by Occupy Cincinnati, an unincorporated association, as well as a group of private citizens, alleging that the City of Cincinnati’s Parks Rule, which prohibits gathering in public parks at certain hours of the day without a permit, has kept some Cincinnatians from exercising their constitutionally-protected rights to free speech and assembly.


Donald Trump sucks:

Real estate mogul Donald Trump had harsh words for the Obama administration over the Occupy Wall Street protests, saying the president has let the escalating movement “go a little bit too far.”


Andrew Breitbart is a dingbat, but Matt Taibbi is cool.



Occupy Antartica!


Paul Weiskel made an interesting suggestion for Occupy Boston tomorrow:

PWeiskel08 Paul Weiskel
Ben Bernanke speaking at The Fed building tomorrow in Boston. #occupyboston @Occupy_Boston Time for a welcome party? #occupywallstreet #OWS


OWS, 1979:





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