Pledges. Pledges? We Don’ Need No Steenkin’ Pledges

Over at Hot Air, where she is auditioning for a future role as a Fox News fembot, Tina Korbe is very concerned that a teacher in Texas is forcing Texas-Murican kids to murder the English language (more than they usually do) and swear a blood-oath to abuela Mexico:

In the name of educating students about a foreign culture, a teacher in McAllen, Tex., required students in her intermediate Spanish class to memorize and individually recite the Mexican national anthem and pledge of allegiance — but one student objected, catching the attention of the school district and The Blaze, which reported the story this morning.

Fifteen-year-old Brenda Brinsdon refused to complete the assignment and, instead, complained to the teacher, principal and, eventually, with the help of her father, William, the school district superintendent. The response of the teacher? Reyna Santos explained that she grew up in Mexico and loved the country. The response of the principal? Yvette Cavazo told Brinsdon it was part of the curriculum and she should participate. The response of the school district superintendent? School district spokesman Mark May told The Blaze the assignment was no different than memorizing a poem or a passage of Shakespeare.

Shakespeare? Didn’t we throw that limey lobsterback out in 1776? Now he’s trying to sneak back in a poison our culture again? Electrify the Atlantic!

But back to the Mexicans…

Obviously this is an attempt by Reyna Santos to fill the ranks of her gang, the Third Period Intermediate Spanish Carcayúes Locos (956, represent, yo), but you know what was really the strawberry that broke the day-laborers back for Brenda Brinson?


No. Really.

Brinsdon was particularly bothered by the timing of the assignment, which came last month during “Freedom Week,” the week after the Tenth Anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. In fact, the assignment came on Constitution Day itself — the same day as Mexico’s Independence Day.

On a related note, members of the Achieve Early College High School After-School Mathletes (3.14159265, represent, yo) refused to study prime numbers that week because Euclid included 11, but he totally disrespected 9. Sigh. Haters gotta be hatin’….

Korbe, always the conciliator, has a way out of this, well, let’s call it a ‘Mexican standoff’:

Here’s a thought: Why not just study the Mexican pledge of allegiance? Read it in a textbook, diagram its sentences, dissect its meaning. Certainly it makes sense to study the culture of other countries. But leave the out-loud recitation of any kind of loyalty oath for the U.S. pledge of allegiance (which, interestingly enough, is increasingly less recited in U.S. schools).

But don’t say it out loud, because if you say the Mexican pledge of allegiance out loud, Lord Voldemort will show up. Or the Frito Bandito  . One of those guys….

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