sleeping through the revolution

It got rough at the new location of Occupy San Francisco last night. First, around 10:30PM PST, a squad of police arrived at Justin Herman Plaza to inform the occupiers tents were a violation of city ordinance. One female occupier, whether a designated spokesperson or self-elevated spokesperson, did try to calmly negotiate with the cop in charge. The cop seemed earnest in trying to keep the situation calm and requested only the occupiers’ canapé be taken down.

The occupiers’ spokesperson called the protesters together for a vote on the officer’s demand. Apparently the majority decided that previous acquiescence to law enforcement demands had only resulted in more demands, so they refused to take down the canapé.

It is this live stream observer’s viewpoint that the occupiers should have adhered to the disciplines for peaceful disobedience the movement prides itself by and immediately locked arms and sat down. Instead, they raised a cacophony of chants, shouts and moved to nose-to-nose contact with the police.

Without mature guidance within, too many were clearly looking for a fight and took control. It is this observer’s opinion that, had more disciplined occupiers been there to scold and impede those whipping for a confrontation, the cops would have eventually retreated.

In your face confrontation won over, however, resulting in a cavalry of riot control being summoned. A refuge truck was also brought in. The police removed the tents, personal possessions and even the food of the occupiers. Someone slashed a tire of the garbage truck. Someone got violent with a cop and was, of course, equally violently subdued and arrested. Four other occupiers were arrested for not obeying orders to move off of the roadway and for resisting arrest.

Even so, many of the occupiers stalked after the departing teams of police instead of simply and properly returning to their camp. It is this observer’s opinion they were simply reluctant to see the adrenaline-boosting excitement end. In the end, the police took the high road by leaving, to the, I believe, disappointment of too many provocateurs.

Where were the coachers of proper civil disobedience last night? Were they comfortably asleep in their beds? Do they shun the dark and cold of night that their students bravely camp through? Where were they? For, in this observer’s opinion, they were most responsible for the disaster that took place at Justin Herman Plaza last night.