#OccupyDC Cooks Need Propane to Function

Earlier this afternoon, I took a drive down to K Street in NW Washington DC. I drove down with Jane Hamsher and Jon Walker in a car packed tight with provisions after Jane had decided to go around and start asking what everyone needed.

We delivered tarps to keep supplies dry, tables to hold books for the Occupy K Street library, and a large tent, pictured below. But when I was walking around, getting a tour of the Occupy K Street grounds, I was approached by a man named Calvin. At first I thought he was coming to yell at me for parking where I did, but I was only mistaken by his enthusiasm to get my attention.

Calvin was one of the Cooks helping out to feed all of the occupiers. He told me that he has been struggling for fours hours to get enough heat to cook all these eggs that were donated. They are receiving gracious food donations but have no means to cook it. They do have a propane grill, but can’t afford propane.

We want to help Calvin and #OccupyDC out by helping them purchase propane to cook with. If you’d like to help us, click here to chip in $10 to buy fuel for the propane grills at #OccupyDC.
We will be using the money we take in from our coverage fund to purchase propane and other supplies, so that is why we are asking people to donate there.

There are so many things needed. They also have no way to keep things cold, they were delivered 12 gallons of chocolate milk, all of which would go to waste if they did not consume it in 2 hours. Not to mention, winter will set in over the next few weeks, and these protestors will definitely need cold weather gear to stay warm. We’ll do our best to help as many occupations as we can, but we wanted to start with this one first to see how it goes.

I took some pictures of the campgrounds when I was down there – after the jump.

You can see one of the inventory helpers carrying some of the supplies in the bottom photo.

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