Wingnuts’ Photo Fail: Desperate or Just Stupid Morans?

Wingnuts have been circulating this photo, claiming it’s from Occupy Wall Street. One woman who claims to work/have worked at the New York Stock Exchange posted it on her Facebook page and where it was shared over 1000 times wrote this as the caption:

This is the NO-CLASS Wall Street occupiers. They are rutting in the street. They are defecating in the street. This is what the democratic party is applauding and embracing? America is in trouble; When morality is willingly being usurped by corruption; Freedom sold for limitation and servitude; Honor traded for degradation, a society can not survive.

Fail. It’s from a 2007 Portland, Oregon anti-war demonstration. The building in the background with its distinctive clock tower–the  former headquarters of The Portland Telegram–was placed on the National Registry of Historic Places in 1994; ten years later renovations were completed, and it opened as a mixed-use apartment/retail complex. Here the Creative Commons photo from Wikipedia:

Troll? Disinformation? Either way, utter, epic fail. Heck, even I knew this wasn’t New York. links to their original March 19, 2007 post with photo, via Indybay, which shows the protestors wearing the traditional black scarves of anarchist groups and looking nothing like the forefront hipsters the media is so fond of snapping at OWS. Or anything like the hundreds of regular people of all races and demographics who are coming out in New York.

I think the wingnuts are scared and desperate. First the protesters are painted as ignorant dirty hippies/trustifarians.

The next push against Occupy was anti-Semitism, which is nuts–the Jewish Labor Committee marched on Saturday in LA, and today  Sukkoth was celebrated at Occcupy LA. And now this blatant attempt to use an old, utterly unrelated photo as propaganda. Will wingnuts’  desperate terror and lies know no bounds of decency? Next you know they’ll be reporting that Occupiers are roasting and eating babies. Which is patently ridiculous, given the number of vegetarians in the group.




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Lisa Derrick

Lisa Derrick

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