If you want to close your Bank of America account, you mustn’t come from an #Occupy protest carrying your protest signs and wearing your protest-y clothing. “You can’t be a customer and a protester” this manager of the Santa Cruz branch of Bank of America tells customers in good standing. These Bank of America customers came from their local #OccupySantaCruz march to close their BofA accounts. No signage, no protesting, no cameras — any of these make you a protester, not a customer.

And you can’t be both, apparently.

Because, you know, real Bank of America customers would never protest Bank of America. Or something.

So, Bank of America customers must choose: are you part of the 1% or are you not? Do you protest the Bank of America fees, charges, user fees, payments, debit card fees, service charges, account fees and extra charges for accessing your own money? Or are you a customer?

Because it appears that the Venn diagram of BofA customer and BofA protester has absolutely no overlap. You can be a customer, or you can be a protester. But you can’t be both.

You can see what you need to do. Protest, or custom? Which of these of yours does Bank of America deserve? Does Bank of America get your custom? Or does the bank get your protest? Because their corporate headquarters is telling their branch managers, and their branch managers are telling their customers/protesters: you can’t be both.

So, choose. Which one are you?

(More here, including step-by-step instructions, at MoveYourMoneyProject.org)

Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge