They Shoot Warlords, Don’t They?

Addressed to me:

Now, if you cannot or will not be civil and stop using false argument, both ad hominem and ad bacculum (“You are either with us or against us!”), as well as false equivalencies then, perhaps, you’d best refrain from behaving as nastily as you may think that you can get away with … that FDL suffer no further diminishment and embarrassment at the thoughtless lashings of your rather foul tongue …

In lieu of trying to have a civil discussion (by my standards, I was eminently civil there) over at D-Days post on the Kenyan Usurper’s decision to send the military into Africa to fight the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) I thought I would move the discussion here and cut through the crap.


Joseph Kony is a bad person:

Part insurgency and part cult, the Lord’s Resistance Army has waged a 20-year campaign of terror across Uganda, where it originally formed in opposition to the government there, the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Central African Republic, and Sudan. It raids villages, massacres for no other purpose than bloodlust, enslaves child soldiers and child sex slaves, drugs its captives to make them more violent, all in an apparently endless mission that has destroyed countless villages and killed thousands of civilians, transforming one of the world’s least governed spaces into one of its most dangerous.

A 2009 U.S. law authorizing financial support to Uganda against the LRA cites studies finding the LRA had abducted 66,000 children and displaced two million civilians. Last year, Human Rights Watch executive director Kenneth Roth — no hawk — called on Obama to use U.S. military force against the Lord’s Resistance Army. Roth cited the group’s overwhelming humanitarian toll, its small size, and (unlike, for example, the Taliban) its extreme unpopularity among the populations it terrorizes.

This not the head of some state. This not us invading some country.

This is tracking down and killing a genocidal maniac who is slaughtering and enslaving some of the poorest and most vulnerable people on earth and has been doing so for years. He is not someone to be captured and rehabilitated.

And all of the harrumphing and chin-stroking and arguments about the unitary executive and war powers and slippery slopes and motives and claims that America lacks the moral authority to go after this monster is all well and good on blogs and at think tanks and during painfully earnest late night discussions over coffee and brandy, however, in harsh light of day, the sooner this guy is dead the better off the world will be.

If his head shows up in a sniper scope – put a bullet through it. If he is spotted and drone can get him – make him a greasy spot on the ground.

Afterwards we can indulge in all of the high moral one-upmanship  and national self-flagellation we require  to sooth our tortured souls. And, as an added bonus,  the adults in Uganda and the Congo and the Sudan might be able to rest a little easier knowing that their boys won’t be forced to kill them and their daughters won’t become rape slaves because America was too busy having a crisis of conviction.

(Image courtesy of www.middle-east-online.com)


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