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Come Saturday Morning: Compare and Contrast – NYC and Cleveland

Good morning, everyone! And how are you all this fine Saturday morning?

Thanks to OhioGringo and Reddit, I have a fine video link and story to share with you from last Thursday:

CLEVELAND – Occupy Cleveland protesters have obtained a permit from the city of Cleveland for what they are calling a “public event.” The public event permit will allow the protesters to erect tents and other structures as long as each structure does not take up a space larger than a 10 foot by 10 foot area.

Since receiving the permit, the protesters have set up nearly 50 tents with large tarp coverings that span the entire length of their makeshift homes.

What spurred the change of permit? A change in the weather — and the generosity of the Cleveland Police:

The City of Cleveland said “No tents!” It started raining, so we errected tents anyway. They changed our permit over-night so we are now considered a “special event” and tents are permitted. Then the Cleveland Police Department came and donated their own personal tents and tarps to the movement.

The Occupy Cleveland folks were quite grateful to their law-enforcement-community benefactors, and showed it:

If anyone would like to express their appreciation for the CPD, the officer I spoke with this morning said the absolute best way to show your gratitude is to write a letter.

Michael McGrath Chief of Police 1300 Ontario St. Cleveland, Ohio 44113

T: 216.623.5000 F: 216.623.5584

Quite a contrast to New York, where Bloomberg and his police chief Ray Kelly have pretty much told the cops to be as nasty as possible:

A reminder to us all to obey the Golden Rule. Be like the cops in Cleveland, not the cops in NYC — and especially not like the white-shirted NYC cops, who have a habit of violence, it would seem.

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