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Why Isn’t NYPD’s Union Screaming Bloody Murder?

Earlier today, a policeman on a (and I’m not sure technically if this is a scooter or a motorcycle, so I don’t know how heavy this baby is – I do know that NYPD rides Harley Davisons, which run, without anything extra on it, about 850 pounds) two-wheeled gas-powered vehicle drove over the leg of one of the OWS folks in the street. And then parked the thing on top of his leg.

Police Officer runs over

The person in the photo (click link) is actually a lawyer monitor for the National Lawyers Guild (good choice for making an example, officer).

Now, this is horrific enough, but what I do not understand is this – If I were the president of NYPD’s union, I’d be going nuts. Basically, Bloomburg and Ray Kelly are turning people who should be setting the standard for professional law enforcement behavior and instead, they are being turned into uniformed thugs.

On the worldwide stage.

In real time.

I can see the new recruitment ads now:
“Like to let your inner monster loose? Good with a baseball bat? Willing to take orders no matter what? You’ve got a GREAT future in NYPD!”

UPDATE: “A video posted to YouTube appears to show an officer on a motorcycle, after running over the man’s leg, leaving his motorcycle parked on the man’s leg to go off to pursue protesters while the man writhes in pain.

Another video, on the Local East Village, appears to show the man being dragged away from the motorcycle by the police and arrested moments later.

The man, Ari Douglas, is a volunteer legal observer for the guild, which has been providing legal aid to the protesters.

Susan Howard, the coordinator for the guild in New York City, said she believed that Mr. Douglas was being treated at Bellevue Hospital Center.

Paul J. Browne, the police department’s chief spokesman, said the police were still reviewing the situation. He warned against drawing overarching conclusions from short snippets of videotape. NYT update

Really, Mr. Browne? I don’t know what conclusions (overarching or not) one could draw from any part of this other than the fact that the officer on a motorcycle (Harley Davidson police cruisers – the xx Glide models) run 850 pounds without an officer, or panniers or other extra equipment, so we can safely assume that what hit this guy and landed on his leg and pinned his leg to the street was something approaching 1100 pounds) ran over someone on the ground, stopped with the motorcycle still ON the person’s leg, got off the motorcycle and walked away. And then police, after the bike was dragged off the injured party, dragged him off and arrested him.
Do YOU have a different interpretation?

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