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Update on Arab Spring and US Meddling

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I try to keep up with the International news and report it daily on IfLizWereQueen, but sometimes I miss a few days. Still, it is critical for US citizens to keep abreast of what our President and members of Congress are doing in other countries–particularly in those nations in the Middle East and northern Africa who are actively standing up for their freedom. I’m appalled today particularly by the reports from Tunisia and Bahrain.


U.N. rights chief urges international action to prevent ‘full-blown’ civil war in Syria

Friday, 14 October 2011

The United Nations top human rights official Navi Pillay called on Saturday for international action to prevent Syria’s “ruthless repression” of anti-government protesters from driving the country into “full-blown civil war.” Pillay also said in a statement that the death toll in the pro-democracy demonstrations that began … Read More



Maspero vigil turns to impassioned protest

Mourners make clear they hold the military council and its head, Field Marshal Tantawi, responsible for targeting of Egypt’s ‘cheap’ Coptic Christians in order to divide the country

Egypt’s Communist Party to Boycott parliamentary Elections November 28

Party statement attributes its decision to the affect that the ruling military council and Islamic forces have had on political and security conditions in Egypt. The Egyptian Communist Party has announced they will be boycotting parliamentary elections due on 28 November. The Communists Party is also calling on other parties and political forces to do likewise, asking them to prioritise the transitional period in order “to save the revolution.”

They added that holding elections under the Emergency Law and amid the current lack of security, and without a treason law to prevent members of the former regime from running, will have catastrophic effects on the revolution and the nation. They also warned that this “could lead to incomplete elections, therefore leaving the country in a state of utter chaos.”
“Even if the elections are complete, they will most likely bring about a parliament with a former regime and anti-revolutionary majority,” read the statment.
ILWQ comments: Whether you agree with the political ideology of the communists or not, they are correct in this assessment.



US to support any government which emerges from Tunisia’s Oct 23 elections

Speaking a few days ago in Tunis, U.S. Ambassador to Tunisia Gordan Gray said, “We will support Tunisian in its democratic transition. [As if the USA knows anything about a democracy.]  We are not backing a party or a candidate.  We support a free and transparent process.”

Note: 130 American observers will monitor the National Constituent Assembly elections.  Obama has stated that he is willing to contributed to the success of the transition in Tunisian notably through the creations of new economic opportunities and reinforcement of investment.  [Yeah I’ll bet–compliments the World Bank and IMF.]

In addition to the US$39 million as an assistance to the transition process, the US has devised a set of back-up mechanisms, including notably guarantees on loans and an and to stimulate trade exchanges and foreign investment.

In addition, Caretaker Prime Minister Beji Caid Essebsi on his recent visit to Washington met with Senior World Bank officials.

ILWQ Comments:  Tunisia may as well pull down their pants and bend over.



US Arms Deal to Bahrain Faces Resistence – As it should!

Do you believe it!  The Washington Post reported yesterday that   “. . .

Last month, the Defense Department notified Congress of a plan to sell $53 million in armored vehicles, missiles and other military equipmentto the kingdom. The sale, the notice said, “will contribute to the foreign policy and national security of the United States” and help improve security in a country that “has been, and continues to be, an important force for political stability and economic progress in the Middle East.”

The announcement drew swift condemnation from rights groups, who argued that, since crushing the blossoms of the Arab Spring in the capital Manama, the Sunni government has waged a large-scale campaign of retribution against the Shiite-led demonstrators and paid lip service to calls for reform.. . .”  READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE AT THE WASHINGTON POST.

ILWQ COMMENTS: If you need reasons as to why the USA should not support Bahrain, here are a few links for you:

Bahrain: 26 more people sentenced to prison today! Oct 4, 2011

Bahrain hired Washington PR firm to whitewash their crimes against their own people. Sept 8, 2011

Bahrain:  two protesters sentenced to death.  May 22, 2011

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