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The State of the Occupation (Tuesday Roundup)

Hello, fellow revolutionaries! Athena1 here. I have been honored by a request from Jane and Kevin to host a regular round-up of the Occupation activities happening across the nation and the world, here at the Dissenter at FDL.

Some of the biggest news of the day was a protest in DC, where the October2011 group dropped a banner from the Senate building balcony that read “TAX THE RICH”, while the group chanted “Tax the rich! End the wars!”




Over in NY, @allisonkilkenny on twitter reported:

Lots of guerrilla ads for #ows around the city. Example: saw this on the subway.

____________________________________________________________________ reports on almost 100 colleges across the country preparing for #occupywallstreet solidarity actions on Thursday, October 13, and invites you to organize one at your school and add that name to the list.




After having been threatened with eviction from Woodruff Park (renamed Troy Davis park),  the occupiers in Atlanta peacefully held their ground overnight and marched on everyone’s favorite Zombie Bank (BoA) today.

Occupy Atlanta today:

via Amy Wenk


OccupyDC held a dance party in Constitution Avenue:

via Dustin Slaughter

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