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Scott Walker Recall Campaign To Begin Nov. 4…Which Is A Good Thing

It will take more than 500,000 verified signatures,  and a 60-day push into winter and through several major holidays, but Scott Walker’s authoritarian and deceptive practices have made this historic effort inevitable and necessary if democratic fairness is to be restored in my state of Wisconsin.

Some basic information is available at my blog, The Political Environment, here.

Walker is a willing tool of far-right corporate interests who are using Wisconsin as a small-government, centralized-power experiment, thus producing a punitive Voter ID law, corporate tax breaks, an expansion of private school choice, a loss of environmental standards and reductions in Medicaid and other social safety net protections.

I update my blog several times a day, and though it features environmental matters is also sharply focused on Walker – – I find his name produces more than 1,400 entries, with most coming after his Gubernatorial announcement last year and through the campaign and pivotal budget moves against unions this winter.

My blog is at

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James Rowen

James Rowen