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Thanks for the great report on the Occupy Raleigh movement. We ARE indeed a diverse community. I am a veteran of the 60s civil rights movement and the 70s anit-war movement. I saw plenty of young faces there on Sunday as well, including some college students and even a few high school students. We are white, black, and brown. We are able bodied and disabled, we are gay and straight. We are democrats, socialists, and unaffilated. Not too many republicans in this crowd, but perhaps a few. Our goal, as I see it, is to raise our national conciousness on several issues. My personal main issues are:  1. It is fundamentally wrong for our lawmakers to be bribed by corporate lobbyists. And 2. We need to reinstate the regulations on Wall Street that existed in the Clinton years.

To those who critcize us: At least we are out here trying to fix this broken system! If we don’t do something now, this house of cards is coming down on ALL our heads.

We succeeded in gaining basic civil rights for black Americans, and we succeeded in stopping the Vietnam war. And we can do this too. Hang in there, occupyers!

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