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Just Who Are The 99% ?

Those people that the Occupy protesters say the represent.

Are they the doctors and lawyers and business executives ?

Are they the real estate brokers and insurance representatives and automobile dealers ?

Are they the engineers and software designers for Microsoft and Apple and Adobe Systems and other computer and IT professionals ?

Are they the owners of the landscaping and lawn maintenance firms the keep the grounds neat and tidy for the gated communities and condominiums and apartment  complexes ?

Are they the real estate managers for those complexes ?

Are they the tradesman and construction workers who put up the high rises ?

Are they the blacks and latinos and asians and native americans and other minorities ?

Are they the managers of the chain stores and big box stores and restaurants and hotels and motels ?

Are they the farmers and orchard owners and ranchers ?

Are they the high payed university professors and administrators at the better private and state universities and even some of the smaller ones ?

I do not believe that many (if any) of the above groups belong to the top 1%. Some do support the Occupy movement but a lot do not. A lot of the members of the above groups make out just fine under the current situation. Some do not but do not necessarily support the protest and some are down right hostel to it.

But to assume you represent all but the top 1% of the populace economically might be a bit of a stretch.

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