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Boston and Massachusetts State Police Raid #OccupyBoston Camp, 100 Arrested

[Ed.  Early Tuesday morning, starting about 1;30 a.m., Boston Police, Massachusetts Sttate Police and others raided the second site occupied Monday afteroon by the Occupy Boston participants. About 100 people were arrested and charged with trespassing.

Yesterday afternoon, following marches converging from several colleges and universities in the Boston area, demonstrators attempted to expand the occupation from Dewey Square, an area less than half a block, to include a nearby block that is part of the Rose Kennedy gardens.   From the local NPR station:

The protesters, part of the national Occupy Wall Street movement, had tried to expand from their original site in Dewey Square to a second site across the street, along the Rose Kennedy Greenway. The protesters say they had outgrown their space and needed room for additional tents. A local conservancy group recently planted $150,000 worth of shrubs along the greenway and officials said they were concerned about damage.

Boston police had warned protesters for several hours that they would have to return to Dewey Square, where a tent city has been steadily growing, and issued leaflets saying protesters could not occupy the greenway.

Hundreds of transit, MBTA, county and state police surrounded the square as riot police carrying batons and plastic handcuffs entered the encampment and asked people to leave, early Tuesday morning. As arrests began, some protesters linked arms around the tents, while others sat down, refusing to leave the new encampment. Most went calmly, while others were forcibly dragged by police out of the greenway.

The Dissenter covered the events live last night, and the reports and on the scene video of he initial arrests are below. ] [cont’d]

2:13 AM Boston sanitation workers being used to dispose of tents from the camp

2:08 AM Easily more than 100 arrested

2:04 AM First video coming out of veterans being arrested

1:58 AM Occupy Boston raided by Boston security forces including the bomb squad and riot police. Massachusetts state police come assist Boston security forces in the raid. Protesters dragged and beaten. At least one photographer charged.

1:42 AM Police in riot gear have moved in and are making arrests. Zipties are being put on occupiers. Reports of military veterans who are part of Veterans for Peace being beaten by police.

1:38 AM Another photo from Matt Filipowicz shows the police with clubs lined up

1:28 AM Police at Occupy Boston

via @KM_Zencat

1:03 AM Photographer Paul Weiskel reports, “Police lights visible everywhere. Single paddy wagons circling square fast. No confrontation yet.”

12:26 AM Matt Filipowicz posts this photo of Veterans for Peace members saying they will put bodies in between police and occupiers if Occupy Boston if there is a crackdown

12:18 AM Occupy Atlanta also facing possible police crackdown. They are talking about needing more people to support the occupation and defend against arrests by police. The occupiers are saying something about the mayor of Atlanta coming down to visit Occupy Atlanta. It seems like the mayor wants to communicate they will be allowed to leave peacefully but no person wants to leave.

12:10 AM Cops in riot gear on the scene – at High St and Pearl

11:49 PM Report from Matthew Filipowicz of AlterNet that police have handed fliers to occupiers in second camp warning them that if they do not leave they will be arrested.

11:42 PM Boston Globe reports: “Boston police were warning the more than 1,000 Occupy Boston protesters tonight to leave a large section of the Rose Kennedy Greenway that they occupied earlier and relocate to Dewey Square or a small, adjacent strip of the Greenway.”

6:15 PM Police today brought paddy wagons and threatened #OccupyBoston protesters with mass arrest if they did not leave the bridge, so the protesters opted to leave.

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Kevin Gosztola

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