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Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Bomb Iran!

Keeping the Gulf of Tonkin and the WMD’s we never found in Iraq in mind “I submit for your approval” our government latest Preamble to mass murder:


The new case, called Operation Red Coalition, began in May when an Iranian-American from Corpus Christi, Texas, approached a DEA informant seeking the help of a Mexican drug cartel to assassinate the Saudi ambassador, according to counter-terrorism officials.

The Iranian-American thought he was dealing with a member of the feared Zetas Mexican drug organization, according to agents.

The DEA office in Houston brought in FBI agents as the international terror implications of the case became apparent.The Iranian-American, identified by federal officials as Manssor Arbabsiar, 56, reportedly claimed he was being “directed by high-ranking members of the Iranian government,” including a cousin who was “a member of the Iranian army but did not wear a uniform,” according to a person briefed on the details of the case. Counter-terrorism officials said they believe the cousin may be part of the special operations unit of the Revolutionary Guard, the Quds force.

Arbabsiar and a second man, Gohlam Shakuri, an Iranian official, were named in a five-count criminal complaint filed Tuesday afternoon in federal court in New York. They were charged with conspiracy to kill a foreign official and conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction, a bomb, among other counts. Shakuri is still at large in Iran, Holder said.

The complaint also refers to another Iranian official but does not name him.

U.S. officials said Arbabsiar met twice in July with the DEA informant in the northern Mexico city of Reynosa, across the border from McAllen, Texas, and negotiated a $1.5 million payment for the assassination of the Saudi ambassador. As a down payment, officials said Arbabsiar wired two payments of $49,960 on Aug. 1 and Aug. 9 to an FBI undercover bank account after he had returned to Iran.

Officials said Arbabsiar flew from Iran through Frankfurt, Germany, to Mexico City Sept. 29 for a final planning session, but was refused entry to Mexico and put on a plane to New York, where he was arrested.

Arbabsiar, a naturalized U.S. citizen, expressed “utter disregard for collateral damage” in the planned bomb attacks in Washington, according to officials.

He also reportedly told the undercover DEA informant that his contacts in the Iranian government could provide “tons of opium” for the Mexican cartels, according to officials who have reviewed the case file.

Officials said Arbabsiar is now cooperating with prosecutors and federal agents in New York, where the case has been transferred.

“Though it reads like the pages of a Hollywood script, the impact would’ve been very real and many lives would’ve been lost,” Mueller said of the foiled plot.

A spokesperson at the Saudi embassy in Washington, D.C., said she was unaware of the alleged plot.

Rachel Maddow ran this as her lead story repeating verbatim (Judith Miller Syndrome) the Obama administration’s story. Maddow also pointed out that the perpetrator went out of his way to mention (in English) at least 4 times that he was working for the Iranian government? Strange he would go out of his way to identify his comrades? When asked by the gang member if killing the Ambassador (using c-4) could also take about 100 Americans lives as well (if done in a public place) would that be ok, the 56 year old Iranian-American from Texas replied, “fu*ck them!”
Come on people, it doesn’t get any more “amateurish” then this! The obvious goal here is to create a fake paper trail on Iran as a Terrorist treat to the US.

Ironically, 15 of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 came from Saudi Arabia; Zero came from Iran.

when did the Iranians be come our enemy?

Was it when we over threw their Democratically elected government in the 50’s (Mossadeq) for BP (Anglo-Iranian oil company back then)?

Was it when we installed the Shah, a brutal Dictator who ruled with a boot on their necks for years?

Was it when we turned Sadam lose on them with chemical weapons we provided that killed a million of their citizens?

Was it when a US military ship shot down an Iranian “Passenger” airliner killing over 200 of their citizens?

Or how about today as CIA and Mossad agents murder Iranian scientist at work and in their homes in front of their families.

This is yet another attempt by Obama and his handlers at AIPAC to murder Iranians. The ground is still soaked in Iraq with the blood of a million plus we forced to “give up the ghost”, yet our merciless leader hungers for more!

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